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It doesn't take a lot to qualify for playing in this game, but there's a few simple rules we expect everyone to abide by.

#1. Don't be a wanker. Seriously, just don't be that guy. Just don't do things that actively make the game less fun for other people.

#2. Respect people. This game has zero tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexual harassment or assault, bullying, and any other kind of bigotry or harassment, either in-game or out. If themes like this come up in game, you can expect that they are code for "this NPC is an asshole and this is your permission to kick their ass"

#3. Keep things M-15 rated. Adult content should only be alluded to in a "fade-to-black" manner.

#4. Try to avoid the "Player vs. DM" mentality. This applies equally for DMs and players alike. D&D is meant to be a collective storytelling and adventure game; the only way anyone wins is when people have a fun session. Overt min-maxing, rules-lawyering and metagaming are not appreciated.

#5. Respect the DMs. The DMs go out of their way to prepare and run a game for you; respect the time they put into it. By all means bring constructive criticism and any problems to a DM after a game, but during a session, show up, be attentive, accept the DM's rulings, and try to avoid backseat DMing.

General Rules

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